A new range of Covid-19 shielding screens from Applied Automation (UK) Ltd

Applied Automation HQ, Langage industrial Estate, Plymouth

Applied Automation manufactures a range of PPE in preparation for employees going back to work across the UK.

Plymouth based automation and control specialists; Applied Automation have manufactured a range of Covid-19 shielding screens in preparation for employees going back to work across the country.

Applied Automation (UK) Ltd is internationally renowned as a quality supplier of automation and control equipment. The company is organised into divisions enabling teams to provide specialised services and deliver excellence across a number of sectors.

Applied Automation have created a range of standardized shields built using German engineered MayTec aluminium profile. The MayTec profile system is versatile and modular, used internationally to construct machine frames, safety guards, protective barriers, support structures, transport and supply trolleys, display systems, conveyors and work benches. The MayTec profile is load bearing and lends itself to complex structures.

Applied Automation’s Covid-19 shielding screens

The profile system is used in all sectors of industry including automotive, aerospace, nuclear, chemical and pharmaceutical from machine builders to manufacturers and end users.

Paul Rowe, Director of the Applied Automation Industrial Systems comments on the new shielding range;

"Following the announcement of potential rules that could be in place after lockdown, we began to think how we could offer cost effective solutions that could support companies across the UK in getting their employees back to work quickly and most importantly, safely. In many cases, maintaining the two-metre rule distance between colleagues is not possible. At a supermarket checkout, the staff and shoppers are safely separated by physical shields, therefore this same concept could be adopted in many workplaces.

We already manufacture guards for the machines that build, so we felt we could offer companies solutions to support them during this challenging time and help get the British economy moving again."

Prices for the shields start from £150, with a lead time of 5 days. Please get in touch with Paul Rowe, PaulRowe@appliedautomation.co.uk, +44 (0) 1752 283519 if you would like to know more.